If you’re staying in town with loved ones, one of the things you can look forward to is breaking your fast after sunset. With a sumptuous Iftar buffet, you and your family can share in dinners that are as exquisite as they elaborate while you mark another milestone of the calendar. Here are a few other tips you’ll find helpful:

Don’t mix your fruits with the meals

You can break your fast with fruits. Or eat those fruits well after you’ve consumed and enjoyed a number of hearty dishes. Don’t eat those fruits alongside mineral, proteins and fat since this could get in the way of good digestion.

Slow down

Take the time to savor every bite. Don’t rush. After a long day of being deprived of meals, it’s a good idea to simply enjoy the tastes, the different flavors and textures. By savoring your food, you give your stomach time to properly digest every last bite, says Smart Cooky.

Pick one protein

If you must consume cheese, then stay away from nuts and seafood. Give your body time to adjust by choosing just one protein to break your fast. That way, you can enjoy as much of the lavish buffet as you want without any worries.

Balance it out

Planning on consuming lean meat? Remember to balance that meal out with delightfully light and fresh vegetables. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the feast ahead. By balancing out your meals, you can enjoy and partake of the buffet a great deal longer.

Find fulfillment

As sunset explodes, there’s much to look forward to. It’s not just physical fulfillment but deep spiritual fulfillment as well. By emptying yourself during the day, you feel fuller with every bite, more at peace and content.

Satisfy your cravings

With plenty of amazing and terrific dishes to choose from, an Iftar buffet provides guests with the perfect way to end the day. Whatever cravings you have can easily be satisfied. Sink into every dish until you can taste the pleasure of every dish you love.

Take a trip

If you want to experience the spirit of Ramadan, there are few better ways to do it than to break your fast with a luxurious buffet with your loved ones. Spending time consuming food you love with people dear to your heart takes the celebration to a whole new level and lets you glimpse an altogether different and heartwarming world.

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