There’s nothing like an Arabian escape to give you that much-needed break from work and stress. Before you choose a room though, go on a virtual tour of the hotel. This offers you an easy way to find out if it you booked the right one:

Explore hotel amenities

Look around to your heart’s content even before you book a room. Take a look at sumptuous dining areas to hotel suites that put you in the mood for relaxation and fun. With a virtual tour, you can see why booking that hotel is worth the experience.

Plan your trip better

Virtual tours give you an idea what to expect when you go on vacation. With the hotel’s amenities in mind, you can plan for your activities better. You’ll know enough to pack for a swim, a dive or even a game or two in the hotel’s tennis court.

Bring your family

A virtual tour also lets you know if they have child-friendly spaces. If they do, then you could go ahead and plan for a family trip. Bring along the kids and let them enjoy a few days of fun. Let them soak in the sun while they swim at a children’s pool or go down slides at the hotel’s playground. With a virtual tour of the hotel, it’s easy to see if it can offer you family-friendly accommodations.

Go for romance

Start with a romantic dinner for two at the hotel and end the night with a romantic stroll along the beach. Hold your sweetheart’s hand and count the stars. Those bright lights over the sea make this place even more magical at night.

See more of the perfect Arabian escape in Hawana Salalah with a virtual tour. Know more about our bookings by calling Fanar Hotel & Residences.

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