Feel Good Events – Inverno 2019/2020

La nuova destinazione Hawana Salalah in Oman è il posto migliore per “FEEL GOOD”  e l’hotel Fanar & Residences l’host perfetto.
Accesso gratuito per tutte le attività e gli eventi sottostanti per gli ospiti degli hotel Fanar, Juweira e Rotana Salalah.


Feel good Week

17.11. to 22.11.2019 – 15.12 to 21.12.2019 – 16.02 to 21.02.2020 – 23.02 to 28.02.2020 and 15.03 to 20.03.2020

With our feel good full week event, get a combination of excursions, walks, cooking classes and yoga. Bike tours to discover the local areas of Hawana Salalah. A relaxed meeting for a coffee or a walk to the Souly Lodge.  A simple yoga session during the day that releases tension and promotes well-being. Have fun and above all “Feel Good”.  

Feel good – Yoga

02.12 to 06.12.2019 or 02.03 to 06.03.2020

Yoga is becoming more of a trend and a fixed life component for all people who are looking for flexibility, relaxation and energy for body, mind and soul.

Feel good – Wellness

25.11 to 29.11.2019 or 09.12 to 13.12.2019 or 09.12 to 13.03.2020

Gentle yoga sessions, various relaxation programs, meditation, simple partner massages and our special spa package (for a fee), you will be completely relaxed and will be able to enjoy your holiday.





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