A host is welcoming guests for outdoor breakfast at Fanar Resort with a view and fresh air in Hawana Salalah Oman

You can make your next trip to the Fanar Hotel and Residences a fantastic event by attending the openings of Breakers Restaurant, Aubergine Restaurant and the Horizon Bar. With such a beautiful location as the Fanar Hotel and Residences and the Hawana Salalah Resort it’s easy to see why attending a new outlet opening is considered to be a great pleasure. You’ll be visiting the first hotel in Salalah that’s been on Holiday Check and TripAdvisor, as well. Consider the location to be your second home, or your home away from home with engaging and fulfilling attractions, entertainment and fine dining pleasures.

Dine on the Seashore

Now you have the option of being able to dine on the seashore. When you visit Breakers Restaurant you will be indulging in a gorgeous restaurant setting with the ability to enjoy an oriental grill. Attending such an opening gives you the opportunity to be able to say you were there when such a marvelous dining attraction was first opened. Let the sounds of the ocean waves serenade you while delicious dishes tantalize your taste buds with expert culinary flare.

Enjoy Mediterranean Cuisine at Its Best

The Aubergine Restaurant is located on the marina and Gardens in such a beautiful setting your first visit will surely not be your last. When you attend the opening of this Mediterranean restaurant you will get the opportunity to savor Mediterranean cuisines beneath coconut trees. You’re encouraged to relax in a beautiful atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your meal in the entire experience provided by a professional and courteous staff.

The Perfect End to Your Day Starts at the Horizon Bar

Unwinding with drinks is the perfect way to end your day. Does the sound of enjoying a scrumptious cocktail on top of the world fill you with excitement? With the opening of the Horizon Bar, you can do just that. Whether you prefer cocktails or a nightcap, the relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to unwind. You will be able to tell your friends and family you sat on top of the world while enjoying a gorgeous horizon view. When you return to your hotel it feels like you’ve come home again. Each and every experience is enjoyable and gives you the opportunity to escape life’s challenges so you can renew your energy, relax, and have the time of your life.

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